What is 8ense?


The Infinite Sense.

The mirror of your soul.

When rotated 90˚, "8" turns into a symbol of infinity. The  sense or the "Infinite Sense".

We can look at our world by varying our perceptions to discover new worlds.

8ense™ makes us see our world differently and find new meanings.

It is easier to hear a "feeling-good" concept but much more difficult to actually practice and master it. Like a new best friend, 8ense™ will assist you to reach the infinite level of your inner wellness and to access your best self-healing capacity.

--- Actively seeking partnership and investors ---


8ense’s new holistic treatment utilizes advanced technologies to simultaneously stimulate multiple senses while measuring and adjusting their effects in real time. 8ense creates the most effective experience for relieving depression, anxiety and stress.


Originally designed for astronauts going to Mars enduring the mental challenges arising from a long duration of space travel or away from home and family. This non-pharmaceutical approach of psychological treatment is suitable for our daily lives, facing today's challenging environment, offering personalized treatment to overcome stress, trauma, difficult times with no side effect but more awareness of self-inner wellness.


8ense retreat cabin was designed by the winner of Mars City Design® competition in 2016. Our cabin experience synergizes with retreats, yoga spiritual centers, spas, and resort hotels. The 8ense cabin will be a sought-after amenity by the many seeking a peaceful non-pharmaceutical experience to soothe their troubles away.


Patent Pending 2018.

We are currently inviting exclusive partnerships, thought leaders and seeking savvy investors. For additional information, please email info@8ense.com.

8ense Team

Adrian Pelkus

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CEO & Co-Founder

Adrian Pelkus is the Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder, the inventor of the Mood Adjuster device, the initial winning project of Mars City Design Challenges 2016 in Health Category.


Adrian's personal mission is to develop new products to help mankind and the environment, helping inventors become entrepreneurs.
Adrian's expertise of 30 years in electronic product design, process controls and medical devices had granted him many Awards, most recently: 

Marketing Institute 2018 Innovation Leadership Award

Adrian is also a Chairman of San Diego Inventors Forum, a Board Member of US Inventor, helping the US economy and fate of the nation by fighting to protect inventors rights to profit from the labors of their minds.

Adrian is also the President & CEO A Squared Technologies, Inc. Creating New product design, prototype assembly, turn-key & contract electronic assembly.

Vera Mulyani

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Investor, Co-Founder, CMO 

Vera Mulyani is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at 8ense™, LLC, who decided to invest and bring Mood Adjuster, winning design of Mars City Design® Challenge 2016 in Health Category, to the next level of prototype Research & Development, and eventually an existing startup 8ense™, LLC.  Vera is responsible for the execution and strategic design to be faithful to the initial concept and mission of the company while satisfying the demand of the greater public needs.


Vera is a lifetime innovative and visionary leader, with multidisciplinary skills in art and in business, thought leader in the space community, Mars architecture and sustainability solutions for Earth.

CEO, Founder and Executive Director for Marschitecture of Mars City Design® and the President of Mars City Foundation (501c3) and Co-Founder of SpaceportLA. Vera's expertise is to unite thought leaders and visionaries from multidisciplinary STEAM background. 

Paul Hoare

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 COO & Co-Founder  

Paul Hoare is the Chief Operating Officer and co-Founder at 8ense™, LLC where he is responsible for the execution and strategic leadership of all operational, strategy risk and regulatory oversight.

Paul’s executive experience in financial services, operations, strategy and process related environments whose value-add has been recognized through execution of directionally aligned goals. He is an accredited performance management professional with 20 year chronicle of success driving benchmark setting growth for globally focused fortune 100, turnaround, and start-up organizations.

Additional roles include COO at EZPAY, ZTEK, Mars City Design®, SVP at Bank of America, Senior Consultant at LoBue, FVP at Countrywide Financial, VP of GE Money Bank, and Director at Full Spectrum Lending. Prior engineering position included International Rectifier, The Gillette Company and Avcon Magnetic Levitation Inc.

Paul obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from CIT in Ireland in addition to an MBA from Pepperdine University in California. He also holds a Certificate in Global Enterprise Management from Oxford University and is GE Six Sigma™ Black Belt trained and a Countrywide Financial FASTER™ platinum award recipient.




"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Silicon Beach, California

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